We’re energy saving experts

TOKI ENERGY is changing how people use energy in their homes, saving customers time and money through green energy solutions.

We started TOKI ENERGY to provide the best home energy solutions for the unique needs of each homeowner and are willing to find the right home energy product that fits your needs regardless of brand. Whether it’s a newer, more efficient central air or ductless mini-split system or solar panels or Cool Roof, we provide the best solutions at a low, all-inclusive price.

Customer Experience Driven Contractors

We want to change the game for home contractors. You wouldn’t just trust anyone with your home – TOKI ENERGY not only meets regulated requirements against liability, but also offers a Quality Assurance Guarantee.

How many contractors do you know that follow up with a call after the job is completed? We’re committed that you be happy with the work we do installing energy solutions that will make your home and your budget more comfortable

meet the founders

John has over 30 years of construction experience, guiding homeowners to their dream home.

Matt has over 30 years of construction experience, building lasting bonds.

Jon has over 20 years of corporate experience, making numbers work.

The Best Customer Experience, Guaranteed!

Founded by contractors with over 60 years’ experience working on houses in their communities, TOKI ENERGY guarantees that you’ll love the work. We’re committed to making it right or offering a Quality Assurance refund. We’re passionate about saving you money with the best energy solutions at the most competitive prices.

AVAILABLE Efficiency Rebates

Preparing your rebate is but one way we show our gratitude for your business. We hope to remain as your partner in home energy solutions.

TOKI ENERGY maximizes your home improvement benefits by implementing the proper energy saving solution for your unique requirements and by leveraging available tax credits, state incentives, local rebates, and of course, our most competitive price.

I have Matt and John come out to replace some of our old windows and install a new AC and furnace. They did a great job! The house is so much more comfortable and our utility bill have definitely gone down. The new windows operate great and are so much more secure and safe now that they lock. I would definitely recommend them!


I have had both John & Matt work for me on 3 separate projects. I appreciate their knowledge & communication skills along with their ability to work & stay within my budget. Their financing was helpful & much appreciated. I look forward to working with them again in the future. I recommend them to people I don't know right along side with my friends & family (which have also used them extensively).


As a voiceover actor, I work from home on occasion. Though I have a great custom built booth, there are certain sounds that it can't block. Enter John and Matt. They were able to help me come up with an affordable plan to install additional window treatments onto the ones I currently have in the room. The result is incredible! Not only is the room for my studio significantly quieter then the rest of the house but when I record from my booth, it now blocks 98% of outside sound. For a home studio, that's incredible! ...I've used their services twice and highly recommend them!!!


I have recently completed a kitchen and bathroom "facelift" at my house, my main intention was to upgrade the fixtures and lighting to give a more modern look. After doing some research into installing energy efficient lighting I soon realized that saving energy is so much more than LED bulbs and proper insulation. my electrician told me about TOKI ENERGY so I called them and after one consultation I was convinced that they were the right people to do the work on my home. John came to my home and pointed out many areas where I could save money and have a more energy efficient home...


John was very easy to work with. He was very helpful and really understood what my family needed.