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Frequently asked questions

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When does a solar panel system make sense?

Solar panels make sense when you want to save thousands of dollars, increase your home value, get available tax credits and use a reliable source of power.

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How much can I save with a solar panel system?

Savings vary based on annual electricity cost and the ability to utilize the available tax credit. You also save by not paying property tax on the solar panel system addition. We can customize a savings projection for your unique electricity needs. Get started by completing the contact form.

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Does a solar panel system increase the value of my home?

A survey by Berkeley Lab showed that a 5,000 watt solar panel system increased home value by about $20,000. The increase in home valuation only applies to host-owned (purchased) solar panel system and not with a solar lease.

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When does the federal tax credit for solar panels expire?

The federal solar tax credit allows a 30% deduction of qualified expenditures from your federal taxes. The tax credit of 30% expires on 1/1/2020 and it gradually decreases until it expires on 1/1/2022. Consult a tax professional for specific details.

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What is net energy metering?

Net metering is a billing mechanism that credits solar energy system owners for the electricity they add to the power grid. For instance, unused electricity generated during the day is credited by adding power to the grid and that credit can be used in the evening. With the correctly sized system, your electricity bill can be zero.

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Does a solar panel system produce electricity during a power outage?

Simply put, no. During a power outage, electricity production is automatically reduced to negligible levels where no power is added to the power grid. This is done for safety reasons.

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What's the benefit of a home backup battery system?

Home battery system can store sufficient electricity generated by solar panels to run essential appliances or your entire home during a power outage. When a power outage occurs, the charge controller will divert all electricity generated by solar panels to home batteries and no electricity is added to the power grid.

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Which roof types work with a solar panel system?

Solar panels can be installed on most roof types. We can quickly determine whether a roof is suitable for solar panel installation. Get started by submitting the contact form.

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I'm a handy person, can I install a solar panel system myself?

Installation of a solar panel system is a complicated process that includes solar panel system design, city approvals, roof top installation, electrical system integration, utility company approval and possible troubleshooting. For a worry-free implementation it's best to hire TOKI ENERGY.

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Is a 5kW solar panel system sufficient for me?

A 5 kilowatt system produces around 600 kilowatts a month. The average U.S. electricity use is 900 kilowatts a month. A simple review of your electricity bills will show your average usage. Whether you use 600kW or 900kW we'll design the proper system for your budget.

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TOKI ENERGY maximizes your home improvement benefits by implementing the proper energy saving solution for your unique requirements and by leveraging available tax credits, state incentives, local rebates, and of course, our most competitive price.

I have Matt and John come out to replace some of our old windows and install a new AC and furnace. They did a great job! The house is so much more comfortable and our utility bill have definitely gone down. The new windows operate great and are so much more secure and safe now that they lock. I would definitely recommend them!


I have had both John & Matt work for me on 3 separate projects. I appreciate their knowledge & communication skills along with their ability to work & stay within my budget. Their financing was helpful & much appreciated. I look forward to working with them again in the future. I recommend them to people I don't know right along side with my friends & family (which have also used them extensively).


As a voiceover actor, I work from home on occasion. Though I have a great custom built booth, there are certain sounds that it can't block. Enter John and Matt. They were able to help me come up with an affordable plan to install additional window treatments onto the ones I currently have in the room. The result is incredible! Not only is the room for my studio significantly quieter then the rest of the house but when I record from my booth, it now blocks 98% of outside sound. For a home studio, that's incredible! ...I've used their services twice and highly recommend them!!!


I have recently completed a kitchen and bathroom "facelift" at my house, my main intention was to upgrade the fixtures and lighting to give a more modern look. After doing some research into installing energy efficient lighting I soon realized that saving energy is so much more than LED bulbs and proper insulation. my electrician told me about TOKI ENERGY so I called them and after one consultation I was convinced that they were the right people to do the work on my home. John came to my home and pointed out many areas where I could save money and have a more energy efficient home...


John was very easy to work with. He was very helpful and really understood what my family needed.