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Frequently asked questions


What type of HVAC System is right for me?

HVAC with at least 14 SEER using existing footprint is a good starting point. Most HVAC systems fit into theree categories, split, packaged and mini-split. Split system places components inside and outside of the building. A packaged system contains all components for heating and cooling in one unit. Mini-Split is a duct-free heating and cooling system.


What is a Mini-Split system?

It's a ductless cooling and heating system that has numerous applications in residential and commercial buildings. They are a good choice of heat and cool air for room additions where installing ductwork for central air is not feasible.


Is a Mini-Split system right for me?

Mini-Split systems are effective, small, quiet and attractive. Indoor units (Evaporator) can be placed in different zones with one outdoor unit (Condenser). Use it only in a desired zone, saving energy and money. As Mini-Split systems have no ducts, they avoid energy loss associated with ductwork of central air. Duct loss can account for 30% or more of energy consumption.


How does a smart thermostat make an energy efficient HVAC better?

Heating and cooling accounts for more than half of the energy use in a typical U.S. home. Staying comfortable during blazing hot months can be very costly. An energy efficient HVAC will significantly lower cooling costs compared to older units. Pairing it with a smart thermostat should ensure the HVAC runs optimally.


How does geofencing keep me comfortable while saving me money?

Geofencing is a smart thermostat feature that triggers an action. Set a virtual fence and when you cross it by heading home, your HVAC makes your home comfortable. No need for thermostat programming (that can turn on when everyone is away) or turning on your HVAC when you return to an uncomfortable home.


What is a smart thermostat and are there rebates?

Smart thermostats are connected devices used for home automation in controlling heating and/or air conditioning. They're easy to setup and even easier to use. Thermostat app allows for remote control and is essential for energy savings. Better yet utility companies typically offer smart thermostat rebates.

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What is an energy efficient window and door?

Energy efficient windows and doors meet strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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What are the benefits of an energy efficient window?

Energy efficient windows lower heating and cooling costs. Heat gain and heat loss through windows are responsible for 25% - 30% of residential heating and cooling energy use. Pairing energy efficient windows and doors with energy efficient HVAC will keep you more comfortable while using less energy and money. Get started by completing the contact form.

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How is a window's energy efficiency measured?

Efficiency is measured on various factors. Two ratings we suggest you consider are U-factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC). Lower the values, better the window insulates and blocks heat caused by sunlight.

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What does Energy Star rating mean?

Energy Star qualification means that the window is energy efficient and performs well against solar heat gain and mitigates heat loss. For most of Southern California, to earn an Energy Star rating, a window must have a U-Factor of <=0.30 and SHGC of <=0.25. You can have both beautiful and energy efficient windows.

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How should I select a window frame type?

There are so many choices when it comes to window frames. Materials like aluminium, composite, fiberglass, vinyl and wood, have advantages and disadvantages. Consult with us on the right frame type for your budget.

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How should I select an operation type?

Window operating types are plentiful and can complement your design aesthetics. Few operating types are Awning, Hopper, Double-sliding, Single-hung, Casement and fixed. When selecting an operating type, we suggest considering air leakage rates which affects your home's energy efficiency.

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Is there a LADWP rebate for energy efficient window?

LADWP customers can receive a rebate for purchasing energy efficient windows and glass doors. To qualify, products must be installed in an air conditioned living space and comply with Energy Star criteria for the Los Angeles area.

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What is covered under the Lifetime Warranty?

Manufacturer's lifetime warranty provides repair or replacemt of any defect in materials or workmanship and covers all costs. Get peace of mind with your beautiful, energy efficient windows. Contact us for additional details.

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TOKI ENERGY maximizes your home improvement benefits by implementing the proper energy saving solution for your unique requirements and by leveraging available tax credits, state incentives, local rebates, and of course, our most competitive price.

I have Matt and John come out to replace some of our old windows and install a new AC and furnace. They did a great job! The house is so much more comfortable and our utility bill have definitely gone down. The new windows operate great and are so much more secure and safe now that they lock. I would definitely recommend them!


I have had both John & Matt work for me on 3 separate projects. I appreciate their knowledge & communication skills along with their ability to work & stay within my budget. Their financing was helpful & much appreciated. I look forward to working with them again in the future. I recommend them to people I don't know right along side with my friends & family (which have also used them extensively).


As a voiceover actor, I work from home on occasion. Though I have a great custom built booth, there are certain sounds that it can't block. Enter John and Matt. They were able to help me come up with an affordable plan to install additional window treatments onto the ones I currently have in the room. The result is incredible! Not only is the room for my studio significantly quieter then the rest of the house but when I record from my booth, it now blocks 98% of outside sound. For a home studio, that's incredible! ...I've used their services twice and highly recommend them!!!


I have recently completed a kitchen and bathroom "facelift" at my house, my main intention was to upgrade the fixtures and lighting to give a more modern look. After doing some research into installing energy efficient lighting I soon realized that saving energy is so much more than LED bulbs and proper insulation. my electrician told me about TOKI ENERGY so I called them and after one consultation I was convinced that they were the right people to do the work on my home. John came to my home and pointed out many areas where I could save money and have a more energy efficient home...


John was very easy to work with. He was very helpful and really understood what my family needed.